Become A Bee Ambassador In Kelowna!

Pollinators, responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat, are in peril due to pesticides, disease, and loss of habitat. Working together as a community, we can change this trajectory to support the over 380 bee species native to the Okanagan through the conservation and creation of pollinator-friendly habitats.

Our goal is to link our over 100 Nectar Trail Bee Ambassadors (who signed up in 2017) to another 200 Ambassadors across the city so we can create a network of flowery stepping-stones throughout our urban landscape. If you have a home, business, school or organization that would like to become a Bee Ambassador, make sure you can meet the commitments below and then sign up on this website! Sign up before June 30, 2018.

Bee Ambassador Commitments:
  • Plant and care for a minimum one-square meter bed of recommended bee-friendly flowers.
  • Choose drought-tolerant, pesticide-free plants that bloom from spring to fall.
  • Leave bare spots for wild bees to dig and nest in.
  • Put up a sign in a spot visible to the public.
  • Commit to telling neighbours what you’re doing and get one or two more people to jump on board.
  • Send us photos of bees, you and your garden!
  • Register To Become A Bee Ambassador

    ***The first 200 Ambassadors are guaranteed an Ambassador Package. We will continue to provide packages beyond that number until we are out of funds to produce them!

    Border Free Bees is grateful for the support of a Go Wild Community grant from the World Wildlife Fund Canada for the funds that make this program possible.

    Kelowna Bee Ambassador Project