Bee Central (June – September 2015) was a community art project meant to stimulate a ‘buzz’ about bees as well as the Brent’s Grist Mill Heritage Park in Kelowna. The projects gathered people on the rarely used site and helped to attract people to participate in the planting, building and maintaining of a Public Art Pollinator Pasture in Kelowna. Bee Central was partly made possible by a Community Public Art Grant from The City of Kelowna and funding from UBCO’s Eco Art Incubator.

On June 14th, Bee Central featured “The Swarm in June” by Rhonda Neufeld where community members created magical mechanical bees out of scrap paper and simply materials. On Saturday July 4th Samuel Roy-Bois led people in the building of a community sculpture, “Small World”. On August 23rd, “Murmurations,” a live, interactive community performance piece by creative writing student S. Megan Hunter will be presented. On September 26th, artist Lori Mairs facilitated “Mason Bee Homes”, guiding the community in building on-site mini-homes for native bees alongside a large scale model of a mason bee tube. This last event was accompanied by on-site talks with the Central Okanagan Heritage Society about pioneer culture and agricultural history.

Each event was free of charge, family-friendly, and open to the public.

View the official report submitted to the City of Kelowna.